yoga to support childbirth workshop

Empower yourself & your support team to use familiar, simple, yet highly effective yoga tools in labor.

Bring your partner and/or doula to share or review with them all the tools we learn in our prenatal yoga classes.  This workshop is unique as we will use simple techniques that you will have practiced or will start practicing weekly in our prenatal yoga classes.  Partners will also learn yoga philosophy and tools that are not taught in other childbirth classes.

Your support team will leave class feeling confident as they will "have a flexible plan" to use in labor.

This essential workshop is held every other month on Saturday morning.

  • Review all breathing techniques learnt in class and how to use them in labor
  • Fill in the gaps if you already took childbirth preparation classes, or learn the essentials for a positively transformative birth
  • Partners will learn how to take care of their body and emotions as they show up for you in labor
  • Partners often tell us this was the most important thing they did to prepare for labor
  • We get to play games-so much fun!
  • No prior yoga experience necessary

Teach your partner how to coach you with familiar yoga techniques to support you most effectively in labor.