Prenatal yoga series

Chilbirth education blended in your group yoga practice

 The benefits of attending my group classes reach far beyond what you can receive by simply modifying your regular yoga practice or attending childbirth classes. Classes are specifically designed to help prepare your body and mind for labor, delivery and motherhood, to sooth common physical and emotional discomforts associated with pregnancy, and to encourage you to explore your options as you journey through this amazing and unique time of your life. 

Group prenatal yoga series keep you fit, build your confidence, & widen your support circle

Join us one to three times a week. Classes are held Monday-Thursday night and Saturday morning.

  • The exercises are carefully chosen to be safe for mom and baby, to maintain or correct posture and to relieve neck and lower back pain, sciatica symptoms, cramps and other common complaints associated with pregnancy.
  • You will learn specialized movements and breathing techniques to be used during labor. Learn to relax at will and to keep a positive outlook while clearing the mind of the stresses associated with pregnancy and motherhood. Deepen the bond with your baby and enjoy support and encouragement from the other students.
  • Many lifelong friendships start in prenatal yoga classes!
  • Join us one to three times a week.
  • Classes are held Monday-Thursday and Saturday morning

Welcome to our community of mindful mamas.

"The more we connect with others & embrace the reality of our interconnected nature, the more we'll live with meaning, compassion, equanimity, and purpose."

Daniel J Siegel, MD