partner prenatal yoga date night

Let your partner discover what Bami Yoga is all about.

Our partner prenatal yoga date night shares mindful yoga postures and massage techniques you can learn and practice together to prepare the body and mind for labor and delivery and to nurture Mom in safe and gentle ways. No previous yoga/massage experience required. Come in loose clothing, ready to breathe, stretch and strengthen mindfully. Mom must be in her second or third trimester to attend this workshop. Please bring a pillow for Mom's comfort.

Learn to communicate clearly and effectively and to nurture each other with partner prental yoga and massage tools

This fun and educational workshop is held every other month on Friday night or Saturday morning/early afternoon.

  • Partners too need physical and mental preparation for labor.
  • This partner prenatal yoga date night workshop is a smart way to get your partner involved in your pregnancy and to teach them how to support you without making them feel self-conscious
  • Partners get to meet other support people and build community, too!
  • Most partners get really excited after this class and ask about our next offerings
  • We get to play games-so much fun!
  • Partners report feeling less stress at work and less physical discomforts after taking this class
  • No prior yoga experience necessary

Learn to feel closer to your partner during your pregnancy and birth.