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Over the last 15 years, I have come to meet and get to know many local birth and family professionals, either by meeting them directly or getting positive feedback from many students. Here are a few of them in categories I believe are important.


Acupuncture has been shown to help women conceive, to reduce stress, aches and pains in pregnancy and has been used as a natural tool to induce labor, then balance the body in the postpartum period.

Dr Jane Liu: Acupuncture for Women
Locations in Dallas (Hwy 635/Preston) and Frisco (Hwy 121 and Legacy Drive)

Dr Emily Guevara: The acunpuncture juncture
5510 Abrams Road, Dallas (Abrams and Loop 12)

Dr Pam Kendall: Kendall Care
Peytonville Avenue, Southlake

Birth Centers

We are so lucky to live in an area where we have a lot of options of where to birth. For women with a healthy pregnancy, a birth center birth is a wonderful option.

Frisco Birth Center (Margie Wallis)
7258 Elm Street, Frisco

Allen Birthing Center
406 West Main Street, Allen

Plano Birth Place

5172 Village Creek Drive, Plano

Lovers Lane Birth Center
304 S. Cottonwood, Richardson

Breastfeeding Support

Many aches and pains are common in pregnancy, but it doesn't mean that we have to suffer. Your daily yoga practice can give great relief, and, if you are still experiencing discomfort, go see a Webster Trained Chiropractor. Chiropractic care will not only help you feel more comfortable, it will also contribute to a potentially easier labor and birth

Dr Nicole Jackson: Grounded Wellness

Dr Katrina Gallagher: Triada Chiropractic

Dr Kelly Byrne: Forever Young

Dr Melissa Shelton: Global Chiropractic

North Plano/Frisco border
7924 Preston Road Suite 300, Plano


As a retired doula, I know how much of a positive difference it can make to have a person whom you and your partner can count on for informational, physical and emotional support during your pregnancy, birth and the first few days after your baby's birth. Interview at least 2-3 to find the one you most resonate with

Delilah Ray: Cherish Birth

Maria Pokluda and her team: Great Expectations Doulas

Cheryl Johnson: Om Balance 

Dallas Birth Doulas

North Dallas Doulas

Home Birth Midwives

For women having a healthy pregnancy, home birth with a midwife is a wonderful, safe option that used to be the norm. Labor and birth in the comfort of your own home, with whomever you want by your side and the expert support of your midwife and her team.

BundleBorn Midwifery: Teri Mitchell
8501 Wade Boulevard #630, Frisco

Frisco Birth Center: Margie Wallis
7258 Elm Street, Frisco

Barefoot Midwifery: Cori Lively
Addison, TX

Homebirth supplies and pools: Buoyantbirth

Massage Therapists

Coming Soon

Physical Therapists

Lorien Hathaway and/or Stacy Sutton, PT at Baylor Plano
Preston road/Alliance boulevard

Amber Brown, PT Root PT and Wellness

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